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We carry many unusual flower and vegetable seeds, these include some of my favourite varieties that have a proven track record on our own vegetable patch. Living in a thatched property we have always enjoyed a cottage garden look and we have therefore included annual and perennial seeds of some of the best that we think enhance  exotic border displays.

Growing Tropical plants from seed can be a challenge but it can also be very exciting and rewarding. You don't have to convert the whole garden to a tropical theme but some of our seeds produce some unusual and architectural plants that will look stunning in most gardens if placed in the right position.

We carry out seed germination trials on most of our seeds, but the range is growing so large that we cannot check every quantity purchased. Many of our customers feedback their results, some excellent some poor, and we do take all of this input on board and we have removed a number of non performing varieties for this year. However, due to the nature of our exotic range of seeds, some varieties are more challenging and may require more care and patience to grow than other less exotic varieties. Without knowing every detail of your own germination environment, it is difficult for us to advise as to what may have gone wrong (or right!) and please forgive us if we do not always have the time to answer all of your email enquiries on this subject.